Gesture control presentations, text messaging chat bots, a digital forest, a floating event space and much more in September’s edition of Interesting.

Short Story Dispenser
An idea full of surprise and charm, the Short Edition plinth prints short stories for people to read. Lots of interesting ways this could be built into a wider event experience.

Facilitation Tool Kit
Hyper Island specialise in designing learning experiences for businesses. This is their tool box of facilitation methodologies. A mighty fine resource for next time you’re called upon to run a workshop.

Gesture Controlled Presentations
With the right content and the right presenter, this could be great. We’re going to experiment with one for our next Interesting Breakfast.

Manifesto for learning experiences
Are your event participants guests or collaborators?

Event Chatbot
No need to download an app with this text messaging concierge experience

Stunning projection
Artist Wonjun Jeong tossed fabric tossed fabric into the air and projected faces on them.

Floating Events
New conference space soon to arrive on the Thames.

Events to go to 
Explore a breathtaking digital forest in the heart of Brighton.

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