This month we share great thoughts on where B2B events are heading, an inflatable way to divide your event space and how message mapping can help you stick to your objectives. All this and much more in this month’s edition of Interesting.

Most interesting
Six insightful thoughts on where B2B events are heading  (3min read)
With events increasingly being the beating heart of B2B marketing plans, six top marketers offer their thoughts on the trends shaping them.

Five things we’ve learnt  (3min read)
We’ve had a busy few months so we thought it would be useful to take a breath and capture some of the things we’ve learnt along the way.

Just plain interesting
Chatbots replacing need for an event app  (5min read)
With increasing app fatigue the possibility of having a simple messaging based solution is certainly attractive. If you’re not ready to go chatbot only, try it as part of your event app.

Inflatable pods  (2min explore)
As we look for ever more flexible, participative, active formats being able to create spaces within spaces is a must. These inflatable structures are just the ticket.

Using message maps to land your event objectives  (2min read)
Events have so many moving parts that there’s a real danger the nicely framed objectives you start with get lost along the way. This is a useful tool to avoid that.

Jaguar – go for actual reality  (2min watch)

A handy tool for finding unusual venues  (1min explore)

Something interesting to go to:
Our very own tech aficionado, Harriette, is going to be talking at Event Tech Live, discussing what she finds clients really want from event technology – feel free to share your thoughts with her!