Welcome to November’s Interesting. This month we share ideas for listening, sitting, scribing, lounging… and Stormzy.

Most interesting
Interesting Breakfast – The Write-up  (5min read)
Earlier in the month, we hosted the live version of this newsletter sharing the best of the best.

Just plain interesting
Five ways to listen better  (15min watch)
How much of what is said at events is actually heard? Listening tips, talks and exercises are an interesting addition to any agenda.

Sitting outside the box  (2min explore)
We’ve just taken delivery of some of these. Amazingly sturdy and perfect for designing flexible discussion spaces.

AR for events (2min explore)
This is the tech we think is going to have the biggest impact on events in 2018. The contact exchange functionality is useful, but the ability to layer content and help audiences dive deeper is the really valuable bit.

Questions to ask before booking a venue (3min read)
Don’t hamper your event with a restrictive venue contract.

Eleven ways to use scribing at events  (2min explore)
We especially like the live scribing behind the panelists.

Stormzy smashes it at the MTV Awards (2min watch)
Cracking set design.

Igloo lounges (1min explore)

Some interesting things to go to:
A rare opportunity to visit London’s WWII underground shelters and watch  Subterranean Screenings, part of the London Transport Museum’s Hidden London series.

We’re big Abandoman fans – in the spirit of researching talent for your next event, we recommend booking yourself some tickets for the January tour.

If there’s something interesting you think we should include next month, please share it via thatsinteresting@liveunion.co.uk