An absurd moment at TED, a conference for emojis, an exciting event wearable, and some hugely useful tips for choosing the perfect event date and attracting your dream audience. All this, and much more, in our list of the most interesting event things we’ve seen recently.

Audience Wearable with Amazing Creative Opportunities  (3min read)
When it comes to event tech, ease and simplicity are key. Which is why we’re excited by Hurdl’s compelling text-based wearable.

Top Tips from the World’s Best Why Attend Event Pages   (10min explore)
Whatever type of events you organise this post highlights ideas from the Why Attend pages of some of the most famous (and expensive) conferences.

Massive Presenter Fail  (2min watch)
Both a speaker’s worst nightmare and a wonderful example of introducing absurdity into an event.

Google’s Solution for Next Gen Event Workshops  (3min explore)
Amazing interactive screens that produce new ways to collaborate in workshops. Jamboard is a Google touchscreen that links to their collaborative apps, helping people work together in a single space and across geographies.

Using Headphones to Create New Event Formats   (2min read)
Guided tours are a great way to orientate delegates and help prioritise content. Using headphones and programming micro-presentations adds a whole new dynamic. There’s also this example of a silent conference format and somewhere to hire the headphones.

The Event That’s Reinventing Networking  (2min read)
Great point about brain-dates based on asking people ‘what they’re looking to learn’ and ‘the knowledge they have to share.’

Fly Another Day (2min explore)
A really useful tool for choosing event dates based on other things happening or causing disruption at your destination.

Who knew emojis had their own convention?  (2min read)