TED go hybrid, Yondr create a phone free event space and BizBash preview the tech trends of 2017. All this, and much more, in our first ‘That’s Interesting’ of 2017.

Still the Greatest Live Demo   (80min watch)
It’s ten years since the first iPhone. Check out Steve Jobs’ masterful launch presentation, in front of adoring fans. Would people still whoop like that for an Apple product?

Phone Locking at Events  (3min explore)
Ten years on and Yondr have created a fascinating way to create phone free space at your events.

Six Ways to Modernise your Exhibition Floor Strategy  (4min read)
Great ideas. Great Examples. We’re definitely seeing a trend towards more campus formats.

The Best Event Tech Trends Article We’ve Read  (10min read)
The heart drops when you see yet another article about tech trends, but BizBash have interviewed some really smart people. Interesting to see that we’re all tackling the challenge of how to make VR a social experience at events.

TED Goes for a Multi-City Hybrid Model (2min read)
It’s been a long time coming, but we’re predicting 2017 to be the year hybrid events go mainstream.

Harriette wanted one of these for Christmas but didn’t get it, and Claire missed out on one of these.

Two events to book:
The Story is a great place to discover new speakers and enjoy some truly generalist content.
Dinner in the Sky – fancy being hoisted 100ft in the air along with a chef, waiting team and sommelier?