L’Oreal use snap spectacles at the Golden Globes, our learnings from Comic-Con, Edible Bubble volcanoes and more, in our February edition of That‘s Interesting.

Why are we here? When can we leave? (1min read)
Two questions to start every meeting and workshop.

L’Oreal livestream from Golden Globes using Snap Spectacles (30sec watch)
Snapchat’s Spectacles have gone on sale in the US – ours are in the post! The L’Oreal example is the first insight we’ve seen into their potential for personal streaming from events.

Origami for Events (2min explore)
The more hi-tech events become the more there’s an appetite for beautiful, crafted, real world design. We’ve been meeting some wonderful origami suppliers –  furniture & flowers.

What church services can teach us about designing events (4min read)
Things we can learn from the oldest form of event.

And, what Comic Book Conventions can teach us (3min read)
The scale of the Comic-Con phenomenon is staggering. You might not introduce cosplay to your event, but there’s a lot to take from this booming sector.

Edible Bubble Volcano (30sec watch)
We’re huge fans of Lick me I’m delicious this is straight out of Willy Wonka.

Venues to know about:
How about a forest retreat for your next event? (2min explore)

Something to go to:
The Rise of Multi-Location Hybrid Events – we’re excited to be presenting at tomorrow night’s IOIC event.