Interesting December

Welcome to December’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month bread rolls fly as we explore everything from the perils of after-dinner speaking to the world’s most incredible immersive experiences.

In Live Union news, we’ve just announced our next breakfast event. The Campfire Sessions on 13th Feb, we’d love you to come along, you can find out more and get tickets here.

Most Interesting

Break the Lecture (3min read)
Frustration with the way lectures are stuck in past also applies to many event presentations. Thankfully there’s a whole raft of new formats, technologies and facilitation ideas out there to break the impasse.

Just Plain Interesting

Two Years in Two Minutes (2min watch)
Next time someone says they need an hour to do a business update, you might point them to this.

Boos & Bread Rolls (3min listen)
Following Nish Kumar’s rough ride at the Lord Taverners’ Christmas lunch, the first few minutes of this Front Row episode explores booking and delivering after-dinner speeches.

Meow Wolf (3min watch)
George R. R. Martin invests in an incredible immersive experience business.

Pop-up Magazine (3min read)
A live magazine; reporters, photographers, illustrators bring stories to life on stage.

Prezi Video (2min explore)
Create your own graphic-rich videos.

Garden of Light (1min watch)
Stunning interactive light installation from Pixel Artworks.

Venue to check out

Exhibition London

Something to go to

Somerset House’s Gingerbread city

Play Well at the Welcome Collection

London’s Zero Waste Christmas Market

Live Union’s Campfire Sessions

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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