The last of our Interesting Breakfast write-ups looks at Sophie and Kat’s splendid dive into immersive experiences.

Their talk focused on brands that are merging live and digital experiences, toying with people’s senses to achieve deep engagement.



A mirrored infinity room displaying real-time code was installed in San Francisco’s financial district to engage people with the brand’s big data expertise. The endless digital landscape was experienced by invited clients and the larger public, trippy selfies flooded social media.


An interactive installation at Milan Design Week was created to celebrate the design of the Galaxy S8. Visitors journeyed through mesmerizing digital installations. Using their device they were able to create their own avatar, before seeing it come to life on a series of screens that appeared to float within the space.

Chanel cat walk


If the previous examples took audiences into the future, Karl Lagerfeld’s vision for the launch of Chanel’s Spring 2019 collection was to take people to the seaside. The exhibition hall at Paris’ Le Grand Palais was re-imagined as a beach with sand covering every inch of the floor, a tidal machine creating lapping waves breaking against the shore and a coastline depicted on a panoramic backdrop.

C2 networking ideas


Billed as the world’s most innovative business conference, this Montreal event brings together 6,500 people to challenge conventions. With Cirque de Soleil as a founding partner, the experience is anything but a traditional conference – aerial networking being just one example of radically disrupting how people connect.

These four examples show brands embracing the experience economy; finding new ways to harness the power of live to deliver highly creative face-to-face interactions.