The commitment we made to the audience at Friday’s breakfast was not simply to be interesting but to be useful. To share tangible ideas and innovations that they could use in their events.

We chose five topics, introduced them with speed presentations and then had time for people to get hands-on and explore further. The topics were:

  • Mixed Reality – VR & AR at events
  • Evolving the hybrid model
  • Innovations in screens and screen content
  • Next-gen event apps
  • Re-imagining formats

Below is the top-line of what was shared by our presenters. If you’d like to go a bit deeper we’d be happy to share more.

Mixed Reality – VR & AR at events

VR & AR are red hot topics within event production, but no amount of immersive roller coaster rides can disguise the fact that putting on a headset is an isolating experience. Harriette shared two great solutions.

With Microsoft’s HoloLens the user sees both the virtual and real worlds at the same time. An augmented experience meaning people can interact with one another and move through an event space whilst also experiencing holographic content.


360 projection domes are increasingly popular. A truly communal way to enjoy immersive content.

A really clever use of VR is as a speaker rehearsal tool. Virtual Speech transports the presenter to their actual venue.

Evolving the hybrid model

Steve & James gave live demonstrations of three technologies that help bring together audiences in different physical locations.

Mevo is a tiny low cost robot camera removing the need for a dedicated operator. When used in tandem with a streaming service, such as Facebook live, it allows any location to share video. This practical easy to set-up solution can dramatically reduce the cost of two-way video between venues.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.22.18

Snapchat Spectacles, stylishly modeled by James, contain the world’s smallest wireless camera and are a great way for delegates to share questions, ideas and feedback.

Double Robotics allows the leadership team to be in two places at once and hold personal two-way conversations. A highlight of the morning was Steve presenting via his robot double.

Innovations in Screens and Screen Content

LED screens are fast becoming bigger and cheaper. The ability to use them in bright locations means they’re opening up a huge range of new venues whilst greater resolution means audiences can sit closer to them.

For years PowerPoint has been the default software for presentations, but Ventuz offers a paradigm shift in screen content. Paul outlined the benefits, and the guys from Ventuz gave live demonstrations. In short, Ventuz has the dynamism of 3D animation, but without the lead times and cost. Changes can be made on site and live data – such as audience voting – can be integrated. Creatively it’s an incredible next step in the evolution of presentations.

All our presenters used Multitaction’s touchscreen functionality, swiping to change slides and enlarging images, but Paul and Sophie really put it through its paces. They showed how the touchscreen can be used by multiple people taking notes, sharing post-its, showing video, sharing ideas.

Next Generation Event Apps

A new breed of event apps that use artificial intelligence are offering functionality that precisely meets delegates’ needs. Harriette shared two great examples.



Eva is the Siri of event apps. Instead of searching through lists of information in an app, delegates can send a message to Eva in the Event2Mobile app to find the information they need.

Grip is a smart way to get delegates networking before, during and after your event. It uses a well-known dating app as its model. Users input who they are interested in meeting and Grip gives them a list potential delegates. Users can then swipe right to suggest a meeting.

Re-imagining Formats

Whilst our previous speed presenters explored the merging of live and digital channels, Katie explored events that are ripping up traditional formats, re-imagining the physical experience.

Audiences are changing, traditional event formats don’t deliver the choice and creativity that they expect. Katie shared three examples of events that are getting it right.

Superdry re-imagined their global annual conference as an outdoor festival. The result was something that not only changed the style of engagement but brilliantly reflected the fashion retailer’s brand.

AGM’s are surely the most formulaic and archaic of all events. Not for BrewDog. They christened theirs the Annual General Mayhem and put on live music and plenty of beer.

International style publication Monocle approach their Quality of Life Conference as if it were a section of their magazine. The agenda includes ’60 sec recaps’ as well as sections dedicated to photography; brain-friendly ways to help people engage. Audience engagement and well-being is carefully considered. The day starts with guided runs around the host city and breaks include live classical musical.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to an Interesting Breakfast, we hope it was both interesting and useful!

Finally, a big thank you to London & Partners for lending us their wonderful meeting room of the future.