As you plan events beyond lockdown what are the scenarios for a changing and uncertain world?

We share solutions that will meet varied audience needs and their heightened expectations of virtual and hybrid experiences.

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Going Virtual

Going Virtual

As businesses embrace online solutions to continue meeting with customers and employees, we help you choose the right solution for your audience. We share how Live Union can help in everything from technical production to engagement planning and content design.

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20 x 20

Interesting Breakfast Pecha Kucha


At last week’s Interesting Breakfast, Conor went all guns blazing with a high-octane pecha kucha. That’s twenty slides each changing automatically after twenty seconds – whether he was ready or not!

The twenty slides shared inspiration, drawn from far and wide, for designing live experiences. You can download a version with descriptions, here. Enjoy!

Interesting January

Interesting January


Welcome to the first ‘That’s Interesting’ of 2020. This month we sweat the detail, sharing how a subtle change of language can energize your Q&A, and look at the big picture with a new report on 2020 event audiences.

In Live Union news, we’ve just announced our next breakfast event. The Campfire Sessions on 13th Feb, we’d love you to come along, find out more and get tickets here.


Most Interesting

What do audiences want from face-to-face experiences in 2020? (7min read)
That’s the question we’ve been discussing with our clients (thanks to everyone who gave their time and insight). Our new report shares what we found, highlighting the real value of live experiences today, and suggesting where to focus your energy.

Just Plain Interesting

Any Questions? (1min read)
How a subtle shift can improve your Q&A.

The Most Forward-Thinking Business Event in the World (3min explore)
It’s a bold claim, but a few minutes on the C2 website is likely to inspire.

No Topic, No Presentation (2min explore)
The Gathering is another disruptive Canadian business event. We particularly like the Inner Sanctum format.

Paper Craft (2min explore)
We’re looking for any excuse to use this incredible origami at an event.

Cleverly Designed Event Environment (3min explore)
The approach is human-centred design, the result is a space that feels welcoming and intuitive.

Top Ten Large Scale Artworks (3min explore)
There are a lot of potential set design ideas on this list.

Immersive Entertainment Trends (5min read)
Smart thinking on making mixed reality a communal experience.

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

Anatomy of the 2020 Event Audience

Anatomy of the 2020 Event Audience

In recent years we’ve released Anatomy of an Event Audience reports, getting under the skin of what people really want.

As we look towards the new year, we’ve been chatting to a number of clients, hearing their thoughts on what their audiences will really value from being face-to-face in 2020.

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Interesting December

Interesting December


Welcome to December’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month bread rolls fly as we explore everything from the perils of after-dinner speaking to the world’s most incredible immersive experiences.

In Live Union news, we’ve just announced our next breakfast event. The Campfire Sessions on 13th Feb, we’d love you to come along, you can find out more and get tickets here.

Most Interesting

Break the Lecture (3min read)
Frustration with the way lectures are stuck in past also applies to many event presentations. Thankfully there’s a whole raft of new formats, technologies and facilitation ideas out there to break the impasse.

Just Plain Interesting

Two Years in Two Minutes (2min watch)
Next time someone says they need an hour to do a business update, you might point them to this.

Boos & Bread Rolls (3min listen)
Following Nish Kumar’s rough ride at the Lord Taverners’ Christmas lunch, the first few minutes of this Front Row episode explores booking and delivering after-dinner speeches.

Meow Wolf (3min watch)
George R. R. Martin invests in an incredible immersive experience business.

Pop-up Magazine (3min read)
A live magazine; reporters, photographers, illustrators bring stories to life on stage.

Prezi Video (2min explore)
Create your own graphic-rich videos.

Garden of Light (1min watch)
Stunning interactive light installation from Pixel Artworks.

Venue to check out

Exhibition London

Something to go to

Somerset House’s Gingerbread city

Play Well at the Welcome Collection

London’s Zero Waste Christmas Market

Live Union’s Campfire Sessions


p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

Interesting November

Interesting November


Welcome to November’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month we have highlights from The Electronic Theatre who are merging live and digital experiences and The Portrait Machine who are going full circle, re-imagining the digital experience as something distinctly offline. All this, plus a new Live Union report focusing on sustainability in events.

Most Interesting

Sustainability: The Audience Imperative (10min read)
Event audiences are demanding two things: more sustainable events and more creative engagement. Our new report looks at ideas that achieve both.

Just Plain Interesting

The Portrait Machine   (1min explore)
Joyful and distinctly analogue take on a photo booth.

Immersive Adventures  (1min explore)
Making screen time social. A brilliant concept from the people who invented Tough Mudder.

LinkedIn Events is Back (3min read)
EventMB aren’t too complimentary, but the potential for marketing your events is undeniable.

Best Ever Advice for Preparing a Presentation  (2min read)
People only really learn when they’re surprised.

Incredible Mirrored Skate Installation   (1min explore)
Scroll down to the photos to explore this incredible in-store installation.

Why You Should Brief Designers Before 10.16 am (2min read)

Something to go to

Ghost Quartet at the newly opened Boulevard Theatre on the site of the famous Raymond Revuebar.

Something for Christmas

Real photos! Polaroid’s product for the mobile age.


p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

Sustainability: The Audience Imperative

Sustainability: The Audience Imperative 

Less environmental impact more audience impact

Creative approaches to designing more sustainable experiences are driving new types of audience engagement.

In our latest report, Sustainability: The Audience Imperative, we share examples of sustainability and engagement as two sides of the same coin. From staging to catering to gifts, we explore new ideas and where to find more information.

Download your copy of the report.

Interesting October

Interesting October


Welcome to October’s That’s Interesting. This month we share everything from an event series focused on business f#@!ups to gesture controlled holograms and disappearing straws.

Most Interesting

Experiences that Deliver Wisdom (4min read)
Wise words on designing experiences that go beyond sharing information to provide the problem-solving skills today’s high performing businesses value.

Just Plain Interesting

F#@!UP Nights (1min explore)
A global event movement to know about. Stories of failure being told in 318 cities around the world.

Gesture Controlled Holograms (2min watch)
We’ve used Hypervsn’s hologram fans before,  this takes it to the next level. We’re keeping our eyes open for an opportunity to trial it.

Take a 2D approach to your next set design (2min explore)
Our design studio is currently designing some pop-up book style sets for a client. This Tokyo café has been great inspiration.

Guest photo sculptures (2min explore)
We’re big fans of Luster’s photo experiences, these sculptures look great.

Smart looking temporary structures (2min explore)
Snoozi, Yumi, Oio – what’s right for your event?

It’s in the detail (1min look)
Great example of the power of little things and building-in charm.

Sustainably Interesting

Disappearing Straws (1min explore)
The great thing about these seaweed straws is not just that they’re biodegradable, it’s that they have an interesting product story to share with your audience.

Less environmentally harmful event badging (1min explore)
One-off lanyards and badges can often be avoided, but these ideas from Oomph are a step in the right direction.

Plane shame (1min explore)
A simple tool for calculating the impact of flying over more sustainable travel. Not always possible but sobering to understand the impact.

Venue to Checkout 

Exhibition London


p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

Interesting September

Interesting September


Welcome to September’s That’s Interesting. This month we share a cracking mix of inspiration from across the live experience universe, from multiplayer video games for events to an Ideas Island and some helpful sustainability tips.


Most interesting

Multi-player games on the big screen (2min explore)
Something we’ve been wanting to do for ages and now the tech exists to make it possible. Simple, fun, engaging event interaction

Just plain interesting

Tips from the presentation frontline (4min read)
Ten things that make for a successful presentation

Making your event more sustainable (2min explore)
Sensible, concise advice for creating more sustainable events. And, a helpful infographic

Plastic not fantastic (3min read)
Useful, practical tips sheet on eliminating plastic from your live experiences brainstorming feature (1min explore)
Clever extension of the ever popular platform. The perfect way to kickstart introvert friendly brainstorming

Basecamps for exploration (3min read)
Inspiration from the experience economy – The North Face evolves its retail strategy

Ideas Island (1min read)
Need to get away and work on your big idea?

Something to go to

Pebble Pop-Ups – St James’s Market

Open house London

Venue to checkout 

Printworks London

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us